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Gifts for Days!

So have you ever been stuck in a pickle and need to make a gift and quick!? I'm gonna tell you guys what I did this Mother's Day that had all the amazing Mom's I work with sniffing and smiling! Now let me tell you, I work with 6 Hard working Momma's! What do Moms like? Girly stuff! Being Pampered! Pretty Stuff! and the list goes on.. Once a week I like to use a sugar scrub on my legs to get silky smooth legs. So, I figured I would make each Mom a sugar scrub, add some Amazing Essential Oils and seal it with a Bow!


Depending on how much you would like to make varies so I just eye it..

Direction to make one:

1. Get 1/2 cup of Organic Coconut Oil and melt in the Microwave (careful it melts fast)

2. Add 15 Drops of Lavender Essential Oil and 2 of Angelica Essential Oil (optional)

3. Add sugar till it is the same texture of just barley wet sand

4. Spoon into the desired container and seal!

Told you it was easy. Takes 5-10 minutes. ENJOY!

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