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Oily Momma Life!

"Buddy, what is something you think will make me a better mom for you and your sister?" This is a question I try and ask my 9 year old often. I value my kids opinion as I value their well being.

Hi all! I wanted a place to spread, and share my Essential Oil experiences with the world and figured I'd start here on my Photography Website! Why not right!? Obsessed with taking pictures, and obsessed with Essential Oils! Also just a little obsessed with my kids and husband but pfft.. whatever. Just Kidding!! I love them more than anything! And my photos shine the most when they are my subjects; and their health is naturally supported with the oils I incorporate in our house. So okay I'm maybe a lot obsessed with my kids. I have one laying on me right now and the other building his latest Lego creation on the floor in my viewing pleasure with a diffuser glowing in the background.. I love being a mom, and I love picking a choosing how to support my children's health. If there is a natural way to go about it, I'm all in! Don't get me wrong, my kids are up-to-date with their vaccines, and have annual doctor appointments scheduled a year in advance, and when they have something serious beyond my control I am not above taking them to the doctors to get antibiotics. BUT.... There are times where I have been able to nip a few things in the butt before they got too serious and I want to share those things with you as I "Blog On!" to hopefully encourage you to take your kids, and your own health into your own hands! Oil on my friends!

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