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When you have your First Oily Experience...

So about 4 years ago I moved back to my home town (due to a Military move). My Aunt who has used oils to benefit her health for years and years was now just down the street from me. So when I was talking to her one day I expressed how the kids had a cold or something and were coughing and I just wanted them to feel better cause it was just becoming too much.. My Sweet loving aunt said "Sweety I'm going to get you something". A week later She gifted me my very first diffuser and 3 Essential oils (Lemon, Lavender, and Thieves). She told me the Thieves oil will help the kids with their cough.. No joke... Next day they were leaps and bounds better!!!! I had diffused The Thieves and Lavender together (4 drops of each) and put some on the bottoms of their feet with a carrier oil and socks to top them off. After that I was in love, I diffused every day and still do! Thieves is a lifesaver in our house when we are sick, it can be ingested, diffused and used topically (with carrier oils). If there is any oil you need to keep on hand Thieves would be the one!

What I loved the most about Essential oils was:

A. Natural way to benefit your health.

B. No after smell from blowing out a candle.

C. No fire, hot wax, or hot oils (having littles I worry about balls flying across the room and things knocking over on the daily)


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